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Finding support and help for Healing through Jesus. 2King 5:1-13 and Mathew 8:1-13.

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

People in pain want help. Whether that pain is from Physical, Emotional or Spiritual pains. Jesus encountered people in pain all the time such as the man with the leprosy and the sick servant of a centurion in Mathew 8:1-13. These People were desperate. so was an old Testament character by the Name of Naaman. He was in need of Healing. He was healed in a rather unusual way by Prophet Elisha through the Power of God. That Healing changed her life for ever. I pray that God will visit you today with His Mighty Hands. This word of God will reminds you that God's ways are not our ways .But, believing the word of God for Healing can change our life for ever.

The Bible says that Naaman was commander of the army for the King of Aram, was great man from his master's sight and highly regarded because through him. the Lord has given victory to Aram but a leper 2King 5:1. The Power of God is enough to heal you and change your story for better. You can email us at: for Prayers and counselling. What do you want God to touch in your life, what problems are you trying to conceal, come unto the Lord of Christ Apostles Evangelical and Healing Ministries (Caehmi) for divine Solution to your problems

Prayers James 5:13-18. May the Power to receive your healing come upon your life today in Jesus Name. .Join our Regular or Online Program every week for divine intervention. God bless you. Apostle Timothy Olusegun Abraham. Tel 832 314 9833. Jesus is Lord. The Power of God as of old is available to us today when we surrender our life to Jesus and ask for His grace to receive our Healing.

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